Goodnation Foundation

Goodnation Foundation works to make philanthropy more effective and meaningful while creating an impact on our country's and communities’ toughest challenges.

We work in partnership with Goodnation Philanthropy Advisors to achieve our mission.



Your support will enable Goodnation to grow impactful giving to meet urgent needs in our world.

Your gift goes towards the research and onboarding of high-performing nonprofits and shedding a light on their impactful missions in order to enable more and smarter giving. Every dollar you give turns into $10 to support nonprofits on the front lines of change in communities.

Consider a generous gift and share the impact today.

What we do

The Goodnation Foundation sources and vets high-performing charities in more than 30 cause areas. 

Goodnation Philanthropy Advisors makes it easy for donors to find and fund which of these organizations reflect what matters deeply to them on the Goodnation platform. In combination with the personal service of a Philanthropy Advisor, the platform allows donors to create their personal giving portfolio, where they decide which and how many organizations to support and, based on their impact, whether to renew their gift to them in future years. 

The Goodnation Foundation works closely with the charities to gather these impact updates to be shared back to the donor.

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